Your Elections are a Hoax....

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I'm not making an outrageous claim here. I found evidence in my everyday world back in 2008 when I stumbled upon a unopened box of books on the floor at an airport terminal bookstore. The box was cut open, all I had to do was pull back the top. It was the day before the election and do you know what I found in that box??

A book about how Obama won the presidency. There were no books about his opponent to be found. How could of they had known Obama was going to win? Furthermore, it takes time to make a book, sometimes several months to years. So, that means they would of had to know the winner way in advance, right???

Remember this fact, your vote doesn't count. Only an "Elector" has the power to choose. You give up your ability to be an Elector when you REGISter to vote. You should probably go out and do some research on those words that seem to stand out in those last few sentences.

Your presidents are predetermined long before they ever run. How else could of Groening known Trump was going to be president years before he was in a position to have you 'vote' for him? They got the whole scene down frame by frame too. Some say that is a prediction. I would say, it is a plan.

Have fun wasting your time "voting". Expect there to be a delay with this election which will lead to civil unrest and hopefully, Civil War. Yes, I want all of you to take turns blowing each other to bits. I would find it quite amusing.

That being said, prepare the worse, people. They have a system set up to keep anyone helpful out of the game. Regardless of who you get this election year, expect the same shit to happen anyway. #Agenda21

-Mr. Saturn

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