Who are the Viking?

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Norsemen or Normans, who fought in the Scandinavian region, colonized vast areas of Europe from the ninth to eleventh centuries. They had a great influence on European history, and the Vikings were likely to have waged wars because of their population growth and the relative scarcity of victims abroad.

The vikings presiding over the leadership of the land, and the presidency of the tribes and was the Scandinavians farmers independent in their homeland and are known Pinhbhm and raids on the seas, and during the Viking period were Scandinavian countries have a surplus of labor force, and strong leaders can organize groups of veterans and gangs to invade, and the armies of gangs were conducting raids on Cities and countries along the European coasts. They have been named Vickener , meaning Scandinavian languages ​​by pirates.

The Viking had a very sophisticated maritime technology, moving in the form of small groups looking for commerce and the peninsula in the second half of the eighth century. The Viking had a complex trading network stretching from the Baltic to the Islamic Caliphate by the 19th century, The network extended southward to the Byzantine Empire through Kiev, traveling through Russia, entering the service of the Byzantine emperor from the 10th to the 12th centuries, and helped to find the first Slavic Eastern kingdom, the Russian knights.

The Viking era was between 790 and 1066, and was descended from the Danes, and the Norwegians were still referred to as the Norman, and the Vikings Daniela was an ancient name that was called part of England, where they were given sovereignty over areas in northern France. The Viking continued their influence On northern Europe, Harold Goodwinson was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, where he was killed in 1066 during the Norman conquest, and had many medieval kings in Norway, Denmark married to English and Scottish ruling families.


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