Grand Solar Minimum Update 11/20/18 - Fuego Erupts - Record Cold & Snow Thanksgiving - The Equator 12,500 Years Ago

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Record-setting cold, slight snow chance in Thanksgiving week forecast
Record Cold Thanksgiving
UAH Satellite Based Global Temps
Thursday could be the coldest Thanksgiving on record
Snow Moves in Tuesday, Record Cold Expected for Thanksgiving
Storms will hit most of the west this week
Climate change is going to make life on Earth a whole lot worse, report predicts
‘Like a Terror Movie’: How Climate Change Will Cause More Simultaneous Disasters
Broad threat to humanity from cumulative climate hazards intensified by greenhouse gas emissions
GFS SNowfall
California fires: rain to bring fresh misery as evacuees flee makeshift camp
Georgia town evacuated after mass derailment of multiple railroad cars
Chicago hospital shooting: A young cop, doctor, pharmacy resident and the gunman all die in Mercy Hospital attack
Tropical Depression "Toraji" drops heavy rain, claims 12 lives in central Vietnam
Thousands flee as Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupts
Guatemala : le volcan el Fuego entre en éruption

Krakatau volcano: spectacular large explosion 17 Oct 2018

Rare Pictures Of P-38 Glacier Girl Excavated From Under 250 Feet Of Ice
'True polar wander' may have caused ice age
THE EQUATOR AT 12500 YEARS BEFORE PRESENT - Nazca and Angkor Wat Connection - POLE SHIFT

Doomed star in Milky Way threatens rare gamma-ray burst
These 4,000-Year-Old Termite Mounds Can Be Seen From Space
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Still remember when I was on the top in 2001. The beast was stinking, fuming and looking dangerous enough for better stay away. But it was a great experience and I picked up a piece of very colorful vulcanized stone.
Hope all people close by will be evacuated when Fuego erupts.