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RE: Welcome To Your Genetically Modified Dream Home… (Fuck Monsanto!)

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This post is so relevant. What a great way to spread awareness through the beauty of art. Hope this reaches many more screens and sinks into brains so we can start occupying our gardens again. Resteemed to aid you on that quest.


Tortuga!!! Thanks for the love, brother... I agree... One focus for 2018 needs to be WHOLE FOOLS MARKET... In 2013 they promised to label all GMOs in their stores by 2018... Pretty sure they failed to keep that promise... We need campaigns of picketers, boycotts, media outreach, and even a class action suit... I don't know how all that gets accomplished, but the need exists...

You're providing a great start. The first step is awareness and then what's known as a tweezer effect where pressure is applied from below through grass root movements and from above by government and regulatory bodies. To some extent we've managed to stand up to Monsanto. GM mustard was set up to become the first GMO food crop here and was met with vehement opposition. It's still restricted to trials and anti trust regulatory bodies have fined Monsanto upwards of 200000$ for refusing to answer questions on whether they're abusing their power as the largest supplier of GM cotton. There is hope, and I'm sure all the stuff you put out there is making cosmic reverberations that will eventually make an impact. Keep being awesome!

You bring up great points... I suspect the mustard seed debacle made them change their tactics with other crops, later on... Most Americans don't even realize that our wheat is fucked, contaminated, tainted, whatever word you wanna use... Discovered in 2013 by a farmer in the northwest, the USA government enacted legislation that protected Monsanto from any lawsuits over any environmental damage... Blackwater was hired to protect test farms with machine guns! That is the reason I get so cantankerous in The Eatles songs... I love inserting easter eggs! Like a reference to the farmers burning GMO fields down, angry mob style, or HULK smashing their M logo... But I do worry that what I imagine could actually happen, that quarantine of North America and all its taintedness... Do you see that as a possibility? Maybe WWIII will be fought over this very issue...
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