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RE: Uber/Lyft Destroy NYC Taxi Cartel In Under 5 Years; Drivers Still Losing

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@lexiconical Well those medallions have kept a effective near monopoly on taxis in New York for a very long time. The price of the medallion is a barrier to entry into the market for the common person. How many people do you know that can afford to buy one? I would be willing to bet that there arent many, leaving most of them to to the bigger already established companies. It is a money making racket that helps only those that can actually afford the medallions and the politicians they pay. Is the Uber rideshare contract ripping off drivers? Most likely, as they can afford good lawyers to create a one sided boilerplate contract that favors the company and most people cant even afford a lawyer to look the contract over before before they sign. That is on the ridesharing providers. But the idiots are still signing them of their own violition.

Should the drivers pay for tge extra inaurance? Yes. That it the right thing to do, both for themselves, and for their passengers. I would also be willing to bet that these insurance packages have gone up rather steeply in recent years... along with many other regulated costs related to this type of business.

It is the major taxi companies paying off politicians to write laws in their favor. This is cronyism at its finest...