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If you have been in the Antshares ICO you might want to pay a lot of attention this week, because the genesis block has been launched! Over at the official bitcointalk announcement thread about a week ago, the Antshares account posted that they will launch the mainnet next week. And so they did.

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They already have a wallet available too at their website. They have wallets for windows, windows phone, android, IOS and a web wallet (as an extension/plugin). So far on their blog they have been saying that some of these wallets are still under development. From their blog they are stating that:

Software Roundup:
Windows Client: running Mainnet, EN supported
MAC: under development
Under stability test:
[Web Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon
Android Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon, available via Google Play
iOS Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon, available via AppStore
WP Wallet: running testnet, EN coming soon, available WindowsStore]

A very important note is to be sighted at the end of the blog post however. Stating that: "You should use the Windows client to claim your ICO ANS for stability reasons". You have been warned!

When will it hit the exchanges?

If we look at coinmarketcap's listing of Antshares we see that 2 exchanges have already added Antshares to their trading possibilities. One Chinese exchange and one Ukrainian based exchange. These however where already there before the mainnet launch! My suspicions where that these where tradeable "I owe you" tokens. Now with the official mainnet launch Ukrainian based Liqui has already posted on bitcointalk forums that they are open to live Antshares trades.
Furthermore Antshares themselves reported on their blog that non specified exchanges will begin official technical tests with Antshares. They say that "Once the ICO ANS distribution is completed and the exchange test shows green light, the listing will happen. The exchange listing will take place before the end of the month with Chinese exchanges a bit faster than west-based exchanges".
I am very curious to see what exchanges are going to list Antshares first. I think Bittrex will be one of the first western exchanges to list them.


Disclaimer: This is not investment advice, just news!


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