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Help Us Finish Producing This Documentary!

Your steadfast support is necessary for the completion of this project.

For the past six months, we have been developing a documentary project focusing on real people and their experiences battling criminal networks within local courts, law enforcement, and Child Protective Services. Families who we have been interviewed thus-far for 'Kids Inc.' have all reported multiple instances of perjury, fabrication of evidence, deception, withholding of evidence, and downright illegality surrounding the handling of their cases by CPS, the Judicial System, and Law Enforcement.

Our research indicates that this behavior by CPS and their partnered private agencies is heavily motivated by money incentives that enrich those workers responsible for the removal of children from their original households. We have learned that case workers and social workers involved with CPS do not get their desired cash bonuses if they choose to result to placing the children in kinship-care as opposed to foster-care.

In other words, case workers are heavily incentivized to displace children from their families and into partnered foster homes where there are higher chances of physical and sexual abuse. The evidence for this is unfortunately and overwhelmingly true.

Over the course of the past year, numerous online researchers and journalists have uncovered more and more information and the overwhelming evidence is truly mind boggling.

As independent researchers, we feel a deep obligation to shine a light on this important matter.

All of our civil liberties are at stake. If this can be done to even one person, with the horror of their lives being shredded and ruined, then collectively, we should ALL be upset about it. The real enemies in all of this become not solely the perpetrators, but us - the people… and our lack of concern for justice for the victims.


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmond Burke

  • Anthony 'The Liberty Columnist' Cadorniga and Mellisa 'Honeybee' Zaccaria

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Great trailer, let's hope this post makes a bunch of revenue so you can finish this film.

Resteemed and donated $100. I will tweet this too and post it on Facebook, this story needs to get out there.

Steemit needs a button which makes it easy to donate SBD.

You are the man Steve.

Wow thank you so much, I am am so grateful for your support ♡

So true about the button for donations!!! Followed you bc of that suggestion!

Horrifying, but well done. Your work is so very important.

Highly rEsteemed! Great work!

Bacon Hoponopono.JPG

Upvoted and resteemed. As horrible as this is, people need to know about it. The more knowledge people have, the more we will be able to combat these sick, evil people. God Bless you and thank you for your hard work!

Thanks so very much for your awesome work, Honeybee!! Resteemed. Can you put the familyprotection tab on this? I think it fits the criteria and those posts always make lots of steem and get widely viewed. Followed you, so glad you are on Steemit.

Thank you for your amazing work. I was allowed to help out on a recent project that a possible friend of yours did and it felt amazing. What you are doing is vital to our future. The children are our future. Its people like you and your friends that inspire me to do more. You give power to people through knowledge. I'm new to steem and computers in general but ill help out however you need me to. Ill do whatever, whenever, wherever to help the thousands and thousands of child victims out there. Time to unleash the hounds on these bastards.

Yes, lets get this information out there. Happy to upvote and resteem. We each need to do our own small part in spreading this information in the best way we can.

So you want to ban guns because we don't "need" them. So where are you willing to stop? The speed limit in this city on the interstate is 70 mph, so you don't need a 6 cylinder engine. You have a 3,000 square foot house, but guess what? You don't "need" all that room. You could survive in a 1,200 square foot house.

This isn't about gun control, it is about freedom. We have gone from "give me liberty or give me death" to, "let's ban semi-automatic rifles and 30-round magazines."

From my cold, dead hands. That is all I have to say about that.

Wtf are you talking about, my post is about Child Sex Trafficking and CPS Corruption...

Confused by your comment?! Has nothing to do with the content presented in the KIDS INC. Documentary.

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