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This week, YouTube finally deleted 150,000 videos and 270 channels featuring child exploitation and abusive content and also disabled comments and ad revenue to over 2 million videos.

Although YouTube and MSM are just finally addressing this issue from their own "safe" perspective, mainly attacking inappropriate comments, they still have not addressed the greater issue of the producers and creators of the exploitative and bizarre content and why it was allowed to remain on YouTube for so long, regardless of numerous reports and flags.

Please read the article below for more information and check out some of the other channels that have raised concerns about this controversy below.

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About fucking time!
You're early sleuthing on the individuals related to producing these sick videos was amazing. Great work. Hope this shit stays banned.

Love that your on the platform to! 100% Upvoted!

thanks for doing the real work on these things.

Yay! Followed you ♡

Woohoo! we gotta keep it moving towards victory!

I hope @amyjamey is lurking so she too can celebrate. You investigator-activists rock my world and your safety is imperative!

Good job I am not sure why you left the group? But consider coming back you are an invaluable resource. Keep kicking ass.

That's gotta feel good! Actual Progress!
Great work and Highly rEsteemed!

Shit happens.

A step in the right direction

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