#HATJ Update - Aug 11- Negotiations Underway In Virginia

in #news4 years ago (edited)

If you haven't been following this story I think you may really want to pay attention- the negotiations that I believe are underway at Dahlgren Surface Warfare Naval Facility.

These negotiations will change life as we know it and FOR THE BETTER!


Good job Neil you have been doing a fantastic job of reporting on this and Yes I am willing to forgive but they need to start letting people be free or we will never believe anything they ever say again. It is time to stop the suffering going on on this planet I can feel the pain coming through and it's killing me Guess I need to ground myself or something but my whole body hurts. I am envisioning a beautiful world where people can relax and have some fun for a change

Thank you- agree 100%- we are winning!

What do we need to be doing to access our accounts? Are there any state governments that will protect us from malicious federal prosecution?

great, pls. keep the info. coming. thank you!

Am still following along, Neil. Thanks for keeping us posted.

nice video upvoted

Nice video

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