Daily Rabbit Hole #225 | Kids can't read clocks | "White Helmets" declined | robot replacement

in #news3 years ago
  1. U.S. freezes funding for Syria's "White Helmets"
  2. The state of Western Education; kids can't read clocks
  3. Are we in Phase 3 of the Mouse Utopia Experiment?
  4. The robot replacement, in Swiss Banks
  5. Anglo-Saxon manuscripts and evidence of a 'rogue world'

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Anyone wanna bet the White Helmets get the Nobel Peace Prize next instead of Trump?

Obummer already ruined the thought of the Nobel Peace Prize for me, lol.

I’m glad the US stopped funding the “White Hats”. Just worried that hollyweird or another terrorist organization will pick up the slack!
The US education system has gone down the tubes. When my daughter was going to school I couldn’t even help her with her math! And I’m a college graduate with an extensive math & science background :( . It was ridiculous. My brother had the same problem a couple years ago with his daughter and insisted she learn the basics - she’s now on the honor roll and her mental health has improved tremendously. He ended up getting his GED and learning welding through a program for youthful offenders who has no further education but taught his daughter math from scratch. Pretty impressive IMO. Wish I’d thought of that but luckily my daughter is fine and working in the banking/finance industry - thank God (in that she’s fine anyway).
Great video as always.

Just ran across this.