Daily Rabbit Hole #354 | Did NASA go to the moon? Obama lied, IG report shows

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Do you remember Ed, doing this 'critique of reality' job thing, everytime you incarnate into this point of the timeline cycle of a polarity dependent physical crystal matrix?

Why yes Cleitedubh, I believe I do. Your comment is so terribly insightful. ;)

Yes your a LUNATIC Ed , but in the very best way ❗️😆 And NO they didn’t go to the moon 🌕 . The evidence is just to great against such a task being taken with 60s technology . The biggest clue is The Van Allen belts . They just recently released a video stating that they couldn’t go with our current technologies ⁉️And you have to ask how in the hell could you NOT⁉️When most of us who own smartphones 📲that easily have ALL APOLLO missions computer power inside ⁉️ I know there is truth to the so called conspiracy , because I got into an argument with what I believed was a government troll , and as soon as I made him look stupid with my answers my account was blocked . And then Twitter wanted my phone number to as they say “VERIFY ME”⁉️ To which I happily replied FUCK YOU ❗️You can’t be trusted with my freedom of speach , but then you (TWITTER)want my phone number⁉️😆 LOL yeah right , and I have some moon rocks I’d like to sell you too . What a bunch of fucking retards these DEEP STATE idiots are ❗️NO WAY are they going to win the next global war ‼️We all need to hunt every single one of these cocksuckers and hang them from their short hairs ❗️Great show brother 👏👍✌️♥️👊🏻