Daily Rabbit Hole #357 | Ancient brick fused together, in India, France, Turkey

in #news3 years ago

Ancient cities whose brick and stonewalls have literally been vitrified, that is, fused together, can be found in India, Ireland, Scotland, France, Turkey and other places. There is no logical explanation for the vitrification of stone forts and cities . . .



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On ANCIENT NUCLEAR WAR you have no idea how close to the truth you are . Think about it ED . I heard a scientist say once that our solar system looks like SYRIA 🇸🇾 does today . They’ve been telling us since we were very young that the KUIPER BELT and the ASTEROID BELTS are the remains of unfinished or undeveloped planets . That is a big fat LIE . The VIMANAs are everywhere in our history , and all you have to do is look . Clues are everywhere . Why did they name the red planet after the ROMAN GOD of WAR❓Why won’t they disclose that MARS is full of DEVICE RADIATION❓Device radiation is impossible under their PROPAGANDA . Device radiation is made and unlike your typical solar radiation the isotopes are easily distinguishable from the natural forming ones . And MARS is full of them . MARS also has a very distinguishable flat spot that is dark as if something unnatural occurred . Therefore it is my very strong opinion that this solar system was involved in a very devastating nuclear war , and our rocky belts are the remains of exploded planets . I further believe that this ATLANTIS which everyone keeps looking for here on earth is actually one of those exploded planets . There is a very good theological scientist MICHAEL TELLINGER and he has some AWESOME findings and discoveries concerning rocks that have dynamic sound properties and ancient GIANTS . We as humans are missing key important chromosomes that make us NOT FROM THIS PLANET . Something most mainstream scientists HATE to talk about . Just ask one when you get a chance , and gauge his reaction . They didn’t go to the moon like they didn’t go to MARS . I just saw another video about how they didn’t have the shielding technology to protect electronics traveling past our Van Allen belts⁉️ Its one of the biggest lies they still have going . I had a very vivid nightmare once that I cannot forget . I think I saw the battle of the ships of lights . Possibly the VIMANS engaged in a very vicious battle . I remember feeling total fear as the crowd I was with was jeering and cheering as the battle went on . The ships of lights resembled those used in the TV series STAR TREK , but almost transparent ❓A video from TRUE HISTORY DISCLOSURES was suddenly taken down by YOUTUBE ( not really that shocking)that was talking about the sudden appearance in the natural history records of the EGYPTIANS and SUMERIANS ⁉️ The ILLUMINATI hide everything in plain site , and I live to decipher most of it . Watch old TV shows involving giants like LAND of the GIANTS , and movies like WHEN PLANETS COLLIDE . I will be starting my own channel soon and hope to share with you and others these thoughts and theologies . I just can’t get enough . I find this subject totally fascinating . Thank you 🙏 for another very interesting subject that needs more exploration . 👏👍 . ✌️❤️👊🏻