Facebook’s Holocaust Denials: Banning Users For Sharing ANTI-Nazi Memes & Image of UK Queen! ‘Supporting Hate Groups’. While Marc Zuckerberg Funds Naziesq

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There’s no nice or even simple way to say this.. Facebook seems to be supporting nazi-esque ideology while claiming to be defending it’s users from exactly the same type of behaviour! This latest thread is so symbolic of the underlying denials and reversals taking place on Facebook and elsewhere that it is essential that we pay attention here. Some of this is so absurd that it would be hilarious if it’s implications weren’t so significant for what ever is left of ‘democracy’ around the world at this point.


December 2017: Banned from posting to all groups on Facebook without explanation – shortly after having shared a post on Facebook exposing a US Government whistleblower (Diane Roark - similar to Edward Snowden), who exposed US Government’s illegal surveillance. I also posted at that time some thoughts on why leaving Facebook would be a good idea and moving to the uncensored (at that time) STEEM blockchain social ecosystem (competitor to Facebook):

September 2019: I am banned for a few days from posting to Facebook for sharing an anti nazi meme that highlights how blind and unquestioning faith in ‘voices of authority’ during the German nazi era was involved in the nazi takeover and eventual holocaust of so many. Explained away at the time by claims that ‘Facebook’s AI made a mistake’. Facebook support declined to respond to any request for feedback or to manually review the situation:

April 2020: I am banned for 2 months by Facebook for sharing an image of the British ‘Queen’ as a child, giving a Nazi salute – along with her Mother and Edward VIII. This is an image that was published by mainstream media and the BBC years ago. While the image was obviously controversial, it was in no way considered an image that would be considered evidence of nazi tendencies if found in someone’s possession. The image is merely a historic document that may or may not have baring on our modern world’s politics. The image was made along with a text comment saying ‘We vote ja’ which was a satirical comment on the German ancestry of the Windsor family and as I recall, was made in response to a vote taking place regarding Brexit.

Additionally, on the same day I am informed that a friend of mine has also been banned for very similar reasons.

Common Threads?

What connects all of these events together is that they all occurred in response to posts I was making, that were grabbing attention, which highlight the way that unloving, authoritarian control systems are being amped up all around us by the same ‘usual suspects’. I have never been banned for any other reason and to my knowledge, no human has ever had a legitimate claim against me for causing harm, loss of fraud – since I choose to be careful not to do that. In reality, I am acting with the right intentions to secure the prosperous future of life on this planet – I do not intend harm.

Epic denial and hypocrisy from Facebook and Marc Zuckerberg

The dubious background of Facebook, Google and other such silicon valley mega corporations has been exposed numerous times and in particular detail by the Corbett Report:

In this case, Facebook, a corporation that was funded by In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s venture capital arm, is repeatedly acting to literally silence posts that appear to follow a pattern. The pattern is one of highlighting authoritarianism present in US/UK police/gov systems and how the logic inherent in those systems is not so different to that used in Nazi Germany. They have chosen to block these posts out, seemingly without valid justification and seemingly NOT as a result of ‘bad AI’, since humans were involved in some of the incidences due to the request of manual intervention.

What is the motivation here?

Given that Marc Zuckerberg openly admits to funding evil primate research to the tune of $5 Billion, which specifically admits to using brain implants in these creatures to deny their own free will – I can only draw a comparison between Facebook’s operators’ intentions and the experiments performed in concentration camps – leaving me chilled and concerned about the real intentions of the Facebook platform’s top individuals.

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I thought only retirement communities, looking to see who won last nights bingo, still use Facebook. I'll call my grandma to let her know that Zuckerberg has fired up the oven and is about to hansel-and-gretel her.

Thanks for the heads up.

haha.. thanks. there are still billions of people of all ages on there. i'd be glad if we were only talking about a small % of the population.