Tired of Internet Censorship? Why Crypto Powered 'HIVE' UNCENSORED Social Network & Video Are Exploding Right Now! (10X Token Value Increase!)

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The Epic Saga of the continued censorship of the web and limitation of free speech that amounts to a literal information war being waged by corporations and governments against everyone else is accelerating during this pandemic lockdown. Numerous high profile people from all walks of life have spoken out against blatant infringements of human rights of various kinds and the obvious manipulation of data that is taking place in order to try to justify it all. With two thirds of all internet traffic moving through Facebook and Google's servers, these two corporations alone have a massive amount of ability currently to limit discussion of dissenting narratives - however, we DO have working alternatives already that are amazing, yet few know about them.

I have helped run the STEEM and now HIVE blockchain based Social network ecosystems - plus have built and run my own network at ureka.org - for several years. The evolution of STEEM into HIVE and the twists and turns involved honestly deserve a movie to be made about them, but the short version is that a billionaire from WUHAN, in China staged a hostile takeover of the decentralised software system that runs the STEEM blockchain, just as the COVID19 events became public in Wuhan. We spent a few weeks negotiating and in the end the main developers of STEEM quit and the community developers 'forked' (copied) the entire Steem system and launched a new version called HIVE. Only 1 month later, HIVE is exploding in value on cryptocurrency exchanges

HIVE allows uncensored social networking and includes an entire economic system that rewards posters for sharing content and even for commenting. HIVE is a dramatic improvement, economically, over the STEEM blockchain - which was corrupted by a 'ninja mine' process since the beginning which left the financial playing field heavily biased towards the company who created STEEM. HIVE does not suffer from this weak point and is legitimately the only structurally sound, uncensored, blockchain based social network on the internet today.

Come by and check out my blog on the HIVE powered site 'peakd' at : https://peakd.com/@ura-soul
You can also join Ureka at https://www.ureka.org

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Ura Soul

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You don't think whales powering down their STEEM to buy HIVE has anything to do with it? Enjoy it while it lasts! 😎

There are numerous causes, as stated.