"People are dying to know what she did." Quite literally dying it seems.

I thought you might like to learn about a possible treatment for COVID-19 that I stumbled across earlier today: Chloroquine is a proven antiviral treatment for malaria. It works by transporting ionic zinc across the cell membrane, which in turn shuts down the replicase enzyme needed for viral replication. There is some speculation that the Koreans have had success with it in treating coronavirus, although a controlled study would need to be done to prove it. Quinine, available as an over-the-counter supplement and not a prescription medication like chloroquine, has similar functionality. It just doesn't stick around in the system for as long as chloroquine, so higher doses would be necessary. It's also found in tonic water like that used in gin and tonic mixed drinks. I have some of the supplement on order just in case our family becomes infected and we can't access professional medical care.

That's the first I've heard that quinine can negatively impact SARS2. I truly appreciate the information.


Edit: I have heard that the Chinese have had great success with Chloroquine.

Again there's a lot of speculation here because nobody knows why the Koreans seem to be much more successful at reducing death rate, but it seems like a promising lead considering that it's already effective against another virus Malaria parasite.

"... it's already effective against another virus."

Do you mean Malaria? Malaria isn't a virus, it's caused by a single celled parasite Plasmodium falciparum (and a bunch of other species I was unaware of. I thought there was only P. falciparum. Thanks for making me learn =)). I was pretty amazed when Chloroquine was cited as being useful against a virus when it was a drug for a single celled organism originally, and the two kinds of things are so different.

Gonna go buy cases of Tonic water (two liters of Tonic are roughly equivalent to the daily dose of Quinine in pill form, I read), just in case. Good thing I'm not a gin drinker, or I'd be in danger of becoming a Gin and Tonic-aholic.

I also did some more reading myself. Quinine seems to be quite the dirty drug with lots of side-effects. It generally shouldn't be used in children under 8 years old and pregnant women either. I will avoid taking any unless I have symptoms.

Yes, I don't think I'll be drinking two liters of tonic water daily unless I'm sure I have SARS2.


Thanks for correcting me. I did know that but for some reason it slipped my mind.

It is amazing that there was a famous female scientist in China. Her research seems to be true that the first corona virus occurred in China. Nonetheless, China refuses.

I note that China does enable women to attain high positions, although they seem far less common than men in those positions. IIRC the military leader that took over the Wuhan Institute of Virology back in late December or in January was a woman (Gen. Chen, I think) who has been involved in biological warfare for many years.

IMHO, that takeover by the military of the Wuhan Institute of Virology lends strong suspicion to the theory SARS2 came from WIV.

Well, her work seems to end up with global lockdown.
i bet none of her papers ever went to those obvious conclusions.

Interesting how little people and events seem to trigger chaotic transformations. Hubris goeth before a decimation.

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