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RE: E-Waste Recycler Sentenced To Over A Year In Prison For Fixing Old PC’s and Selling Them

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Microshaft became the dominant OS vendor through careful lies. Gates was definitely a hard working coder, but DOS and Windows were essentially stolen IP, from DRDOS and Mac software.

He made his copies of their products dominate the field by making them easy to crack and simultaneously pontificating against copying. Hackers at the time were aware of his duplicity, and gleefully cracked and used Microshaft products.

Many of them, being computer gurus, worked for big companies as consultants, and their personal software ecosystems were based on cracked Microshaft products. When they were tapped to direct the software purchases of big companies, they based their decisions on what they were familiar with, and used: Windows.

Microshaft is a result of hacking, cracking, and reverse psychology. This poor guy is just being sacrificed as a form of Microshaft continuing that business model. He is an ad for Microshaft. His fate is intended to produce more hackers cracking Microshaft software, and thus being driven to promote it to their clients in the business world.

Linux FTW!


They're only a dominant OS, because of underhand biz tactics, not because ppl actively choose windos.

Yep. That's what I said. Only I used more words.

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