VHCEx Newsflash (Apr 22nd)

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After finally having completed our extensive work on DPoS protocol, VHCEx team is back with its Newsflash compilations!

BCV gets delisted from major crypto exchanges across the world

Following Binance step, ShapeShift has announced the delist of BSV on their platform. Not only ShapeShift, Blockchain wallet, Kraken also ended their support for BSV. However, SBI Holding and Okex do not follow the path of Binance. Instead of delisting BSV, SBI Holding decided to delete BCH from their crypto exchange. On Okex part, the team has said that BSV does not meet the delisting criteria, thus creating no reasons for them to delist BSV.

Rakuten Bank launched crypto exchange

According to their press release, Rakuten has launched their cryptocurrency exchange on April 15th. Rakuten acquired the license through Japan’s Financial Service (FSA). At the moment, crypto enthusiasts can now sign up and start trading on Rakuten crypto exchange. On a side note, Rakuten Bank members will not need to go through the KYC again but they have to update their information.

Corporate Traveller, one of the largest business travel management services in the UK started accepting BTC

AP NEWS reported the partnership of Corporate Traveller and BitPay. The partnership will allow Corporate Traveller to accept Bitcoin and BCH as payment. BitPay will enable payment using BTC or BCH and the payment will be settled directly in Corporate Traveller’s bank account in two days. Additionally, BitPay will charge 1% per transaction or settlement.

Telegram entered a strategic partnership with Wirecard

In the recent announcement, Wirecard has partnered up with Telegram Open Network to develop joint digital financial services, payments, and banking platform. Additionally, the team will share more details about the products in different stages.

US Congress members urge the IRS to clarify crypto taxes report

In an announcement shared on April 11th, 21 representatives sent a letter to IRS demanding the crypto tax guide before April 15th, 2019. The letter asks the IRS for better guidance instead of the 2014 version. Particularly, IRS needs to provide better methods for calculating crypto cost basic, cost basic assignment and lot relief including the hardforks. At the moment, the IRS hasn’t replied to the request.

Telegram is stealthily entering crypto

According to the local news outlet, Vedomosti.ru, Telegram’s Open Network has been launched and currently running in private beta. At the moment, the TON is being tested by programmers , testers. However, Vedomosti does not share any details related to the test beside the two companies that have access to the beta.

Mitsubishi UFJ confirmed issuing their own coin at the end of the year

According to JapanTimes, Mitsubishi UFJ is planning to release its own digital currency by the end of the year. The digital currency is said to be used for retail stores and other purposes. However, the specific date of the release has not been revealed,


I guess when TON Network will be launched, it'll be record-breaking

even Wirecard goes crypto, this is the last pill