And I thought the US overreacted to things

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So, I was surfing the interwebs this evening and wound up reading something that I had to fact check because it sounded too ridiculous to be true. Algeria has a little over 40 million people living in it. You know what those people don't have at the moment, the internet. It seems that cheating on high school exams is a big problem there and the solution they came up with was to shut down the internet.

Is it really that hard to stop kids from cheating on a test that you have to shut down internet access for an entire country. This is what the traceroute completion graph from Oracle looks like for Algeria. During those dips completion rates dropped to around 7 percent.

Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 3.18.17 AM.png

In fairness to them I should mention that a couple of years ago there were so many leaks of the test that they had to retest 300 thousand students. Personally I think this is a waste of time since seeing who cheats should be pretty obvious by just firing up some AI and comparing grades to test scores. Google AI recently managed to predict when people entering a hospital would die with 95 percent accuracy I am sure it could work out who suddenly became a genius for one test.