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RE: Life inside China during the CoViD-19 Virus Outbreak

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Hey, what do you think is the long-term effects then? Say, 6-10 months down the line? I heard that by April that the virus will essentially be gone and so then this will all be a thing of the past. Do you believe that? I mean the virus, in my opinion, is actually a positive for crypto as it making traditional stocks riskier but I am just concerned whether I believe the hype of the whole situation as it is. If the situation is as real and dangerous as the media will make us believe then will this be a further driving factor for crypto? It is always so hard to call these things and wit such an important year for cryptocurrencies and particularly bitcoin then knowing what the big markets for crypto, namely, in this case, China, are going to be doing in the coming weeks and months is very valuable for everyone.


I hadn't really thought about the effects it would have on Crypto tbh, but I would say declaring it over in April is extremely presumptuous. Nobody knows what direction its taking at this point, and its entirely likely it could be with us to stay, like any other seasonal flu. Ther's simply no knowing for sure.

But i'd say it's pretty unlikely on the basis that SARS was around for 9 months before succumbing to the summer and hygeine practices, and that was only 8,000 cases in total. We're at somewhere over 60,000 as of today, and the virus is clearly far more adept at spreading, so there's very little humans can do to stop that. We have to really depend on seasonal effects for now and isolation practices to mitigate the damage as much as possible.

Basically, if you are one of those 'experts' saying anything with confidence, you're probably wrong.

Hello, maybe it isn't the right time to think about it now when it is still on-going, but I am just curious as this area of the world was doing so much for crypto legitimisation and if anything I thought it would spur the market on as it already had a big impact on the traditional stocks so far, so I think it would be interesting to consider what the implications could be financially for crypto holders. Although, of course, I understand that there is likely more pressing concerns for you at the moment. In terms of the April date, this is something that I read in Reuters and was shared by one of the crypto platforms with the sentiment being basically that it won't be gone but the worst of it would be over, but you would definitely have a better knowledge of that than me. I'm just trying to understand the bigger picture.

It is a coronavirus so many experts suggest it may fade away, but the common cold fades away in the summer too and comes right back every year. So this is not what I think we should peg our hopes on. As for Crypto, again I can't really say other than how I know China manipulates the medi and sentiment of Crypto at its whim, in order to profit massively. One day its bad and dumps, the next day its good and pumps.

I'm sure they'll keep that up for a while to come