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RE: It's Official - Bid Bots Are Dead.

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Dear @shanghaipreneur

Amazing analycis buddy. I'm also worried that most of this delegated SP will be traded to BTC. Selling pressure will probably increase.

I consider HF21 as a huge "wealth transfer" and as such it will be surely painful period of time before this ecosystem will stabilize itself.

But without bidbots, this platform is just for whales (unless we figure out some kind of sweet curation scheme).

That's right. You've nailed it. This platform won't ever reach mass adoption, because it's becoming club for "privillaged only". Luckily we're already doing fine (people like me and you). New users are and will be doomed. End of story here.

Upvoted already,


Yeah, that’s one way to look at it, @crypto.piotr. That now the economy is and will be for a long time in disequilibrium and in such economic environments opportunity is always found! Just gotta keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground.

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