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RE: It's Official - Bid Bots Are Dead.

in #newsteem2 years ago

@ocdb was a whitelisted bot created by @ocd that is doing manual curration and downvoting now.

@ocdb was a non profit "bot" (not a bid bot) that whitelisted authors could use to help promote their undervalued posts (before the hardfork) and then the curration rewards went to delegators so it was 100% non-profit.

I had 1000 SP delegated to OCDB and as a non profit bot with 1000 delegation was making about as much in curration rewards as I was using around 700 SP. I have a feeling, unless something changes, most of these bots will die as manual curration becomes more valuable then passive investing.

Once my undelegations are complete this will be the first time in a long time that I will have "complete control" over 100% of my Steem Power.


It’s noce to have control for once over your SP. For me, I am finding some decent returns at minnowbooster (~17.5%), at least for the moment.

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