No More Voting BOT

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Hi Followers,

As of today I have decided to turn off my voting bot. I will be making changes to this blog moving forward in the future and rewarding you my followers for engaging with me here!

Looking forward to new steem!

Joe Parys


Wishing you all the best with your next project and glad to see you’re making the change along with #newsteem

@joeparys I have sent you 0.250 STEEM for: but didnt received any upvotes. Please refund. Thank you!

for you

Just upvoted the post! And here is a vote for your comment. Sorry about that

Good news for #newsteem.

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Wish you all the best!

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Thank you!

Awesome... Love your voting bot, & happy to see your new evolutions!

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Thank you :)

😊 my Pleasure.

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Hey. I support you and understand you perfectly. We will wait for the best of his time. Good luck.

wow..its great . keep it up
!neoxag 8

can you please elaborate issue with current voting bot

no more voting bot -- took it offline so i can manually vote


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Hey @joeparys, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Hi @joeparys
You are a very successful entrepreneur with obvious skills.
Have you considered starting a tribe on Steem-engine focused on your skills and experience? You could start a Tribe focused on the Mastery of Internet Marketing, as you have a lot of knowledge to share and curating Q & A on your own blog there would allow you to teach others your skills and earn Steem based Tokens at the same time. This would give you the ability to reuse your content, post on your own schedule, answer comment questions at your leisure and set the rules and determine what type of voting was appropriate, as you would run the Tribe.

Your Tribe Token would be based on Steem, so the Tokens could be sold for Steem eventually. But you would be creating a use case, which would bring value to both your Tribe Token and Steem. If you utilize onboarding strategies similar to which replicate the usual sign on of social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, you could potentially move large segments of your Udemity following to Steemit via your Steem-Engine sidechain Tribe and you could profit, while simultaneously creating an additional use case for Steem, which could increase the value of Steem. The low price of Steem and RC would be an advantage to creating new accounts, not to mention your size in SP means you earn free new accounts every week, which would facilitate moving new members over to Steem, as a prize or reward. The possible variations here are many. Alternatively you could pursue this idea through SMT’s when they are ready.

This is just food for thought, you have skills, large amounts of content and the business savvy to make this work. Plus I think you have a large following, which would be key to making your tribe successful, so this use case idea would potentially be a win-win.

✍🏼 By Shortsegments

Thanks for your support - excited to begin creating here again