Great news (the first part at least)!

Thank you! More updates to come soon :)

it dosen't matter, this place has turned straight Nazi and getting more centralized everyday. Curangel swing by with an army of downvoters who are just following a trail. I barely "circle jerk" anymore and they never stop. Just expect it, buy more steem and fight back....its all you can do man. I don't like what Steemit is becoming but its gonna be what its gonna be and Steem token will plug along anyway so just do your thing and embrace the downvotes.

If people dont like my content thats fine... just unfollow me... but to downvote and wipe away rewards just bc you dont like someone or something isnt reasonable imo... this is why downvoting is an issue (especially since people have free votes now)

Have you told your delegators to remove their delegations, disgustingly unwashed human?

I made a post about turning off my bot... and reached out to them yes...

Have you considered just undelegating the steem that was delegated to your bot instead of the "mass post"? I mean why keep the delegation if you dont want to pay rewards from a BOT anymore? (BTW..good idea) I think if you remove all the delegations from those people putting your steem power at a more realistic level that is would go a long way with others. Jus my opinion.

How do I un-delegate the steem? I am happy to do this just dont know how TBH

I actually just checked to see if it could be done and I think I might be wrong. I feel like I have done it myself there before but nw I don’t see an edit tab to remove them,

Perfect just sent some steem to steem voter -- and I dont think I can manually un-delegate any SP to me... I will try however

You can do it at Steemworld very easily. Just get onto your Steemworld Stats acct and click on the Delegations tab n the left column. Then click on the “incoming” tab. This will bring up the list of everyone who delegated to you. On the right of that list you will find another tab to remove the delegation. You will need to use Steem connect or Keychain to authorize the transaction. This will return the delegate Steem back to them.

Perfect thank you for this -- will work on it this afternoon -- do you have any autovoter tips by chance? Would like to add you and others to my autovoter (which do I use and where?)

I just use steemvoter and it works pretty good with very little problems in my opinion. The service let’s you vote like 3-5 accts for free but if you want more it cost 3sbd a month I think. This usuallyjust send them 18sbd when I renew and it’s good for 6 months,

Via mass wallet memo obviously. Which is hardly effective for people who rarely look at their wallet.

Best of luck to you, human version of a douche. Tub Cat will commence flagging all of your posts.

Once you cease self voting of your empty and plastic comments on trending posts the flags will cease.

i agree with you on not voting you own comments....seems pathetic to me.....i do not have a problem if folks wanna up vote their own post as long as its moderate part of your voting pattern. (i would say less than 10% is resonable)

I will stop upvoting comments

2 short sentences and 100% self-vote... Bravo!

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