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RE: It's Official - Bid Bots Are Dead.

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No. What you said is absolute nonsense.

There is no reason whatsoever for bot investors to leave when they can make on the low end exactly as much as they did with bots (probably more) and potentially make 2 times that with a bit of effort.

I make around 2.5 Steem per 1000SP and my efficiency is bad, around 50%.
I will make around 1400 SP in a year which is 15%.
You have people that make 4.5 steem per 1000 SP and their ROI is much higher.

Nah. The only bot investors that will leave are butthurt ones that are emotionally driven.
Those that look at ROI will not leave because this changes nothing for them. Even provides an opportunity.

So what you wrote is beyond nonsense, its fear mongering.

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Fear mongering? Huh? Please give us the details on your numbers. 2.5 steem per 1kSP per day? Per week? Per month? Doing what exactly? Does it require active participation? Because the big appeal of delegating to bid bots is that it was COMPLETELY PASSIVE. Set it and forget it. What is the equivalent passive investment opportunity in #newsteem? I’m asking because I honestly want to know.

Fear mongering:

"Now that bots are dead 8 million Steem will be sold for Bitcoin."

You can check my numbers on Steemworld.
I just got delegated 2000 SP yesterday so my stats are valid for around 9400 SP.
You can do the math for yourself.

Around 2.5 sp per 1000 based on @abh12345 curation list.
You can see the list on his weekly post.
Im somewhere in the lower middle of the list. The top curator gets around 4.5 steem per 1000 SP which is about 30% ROI.

Its weekly. Not daily. I make currently around 25 SP a week from curation.
There are 52 weeks in a year.
My mounthly interest is 1.15%. Put that in a compounding interest calculator and you get 15%.

And those 25 a week are the worst ive done in a while.

Id say that around 70% of my votes are autovotes. This is what my steemvoter looks like.

If i put in more effort i know i would do better.
By being passive i see no reason you cant do better then i can or be at least on equal grounds.

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Ok, that is something we can talk about. My little autovote trail probably does similar to yours. I may not be trying to maximize steem return with it, but maybe supporting tribes I like. Whatever’s cool with me.

I think, however, that a lot of folks who delegated to bidbots for passive investment opportunity are not even going to do the research to figure out how to auto-vote. That’s my fear, at least. Worst case scenario is all of them sell for BTC. I don’t think that’s going to happen, but I think it is likely that BTC is the largest destination for that currently locked up STEEM.

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"Worst case scenario" is different from what you said in the post.

If they were invested in bots for a ROI, the possibility of higher returns with the exact same PASSIVE behavior is something that should not only stop them from leaving but rather encourage them to buy more.

The only ones that will leave are those emotionally driven that want to make a point because of butthurt.
And to those i say good riddance.

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“Most likely” is what is written, which by no means means “all”

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