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Jacket is a insects. The Jacket is of different colors to look at. There are more than 3 species of Jacket on earth. Jacket insects are found all over the world.


Jacket is up to 0.5 cm in insect size. Jacket insect has a hard shell. They have thin wings underneath these shells. Through which it flies. The Jacket insect's body is divided into 2 parts. They have 2 antennas. Has two eyes and 6 legs.



Jacket lives in a grouped way. They have different groups. There are 50 to 100 Jacket's in each group. They unite and sit on the bend or leaves of the tree.

I don't know what Jacket actually eats.

Jacket is not harmful insect. But I do not know if this poke is a beneficial insect.

Jacket lives in groups of bark or leaves.

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