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RE: It's Official - Bid Bots Are Dead.

in #newsteem2 years ago

Great analysis, as always.

I've been saying for a while for the people who hate bidbots that the delegators will (almost) always pursue their best alternative. So if it isn't making a passive 15% in STEEM terms, what will it be?

The way I figure, some of the more technically minded will set up auto-voting curation. Some will dump STEEM for BTC like you say.

With tribes and SMTs, I think the money will shift there for those that manage to create some kind of real value.


The only thing to do is just to keep track of those huge bidbot accounts and be ready to buy a lot of STEEM once it looks like the delegations have hit rock bottom, which honestly probably is going to be zero. Unless, like smartsteem, they pivot over to some other strategy.