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RE: It's Official - Bid Bots Are Dead.

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Very interesting research. This was a target going into Hard Fork 21/22.

Like everyone I am sure the bidbot owners are trying to figure out the best way to deal with the situation now. How it will all unfold is a good question.

Your numbers prove that many of those who delegated to the biggest bots are pulling their stake. Does it get sold on the open market? Quite possible.

Many pointed to Steemit Inc regularly selling as the reasons for the price going down. The truth is a lot more STEEM it out there.

One interesting fact though, according to the charts put out by @arcange, the number of Whales is actually increasing. There are now 40 when we were just a 36 a little while back. Plus, there MVest total is increasing which is not surprising when someone like Dan purchases 250K STEEM.


Yeah, that's one of the points I tried to make here. While bidbots are not great in terms of letting good content bubble up to the surface, they do actually provide some glimmer of hope to newbies, that they can quickly compound a grubstake into something meaningful rather quickly. Without them, only whale content will float to the top, unless we can figure out some cool curation techniques, which it seems like the community is hard at work doing.

So it's kind of interesting that what might make a healthier ecosystem would actually INCREASE the Gini coefficient (which is what we're seeing with more whales being born).