My List Of Whales To "Curate"

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I tried doing a post - it made 8 cents off 42 upvotes. So the warning that users who average less than $20 a post will make less was spot on. Average for me was about a quarter, so I see where it would really improve the steemit experience for everyone by making my posts make less. Just sucking up unjust rewards, shame on me.

So, I am a practical gal. I was losing my gumption to post for quarters, but I am back to "very first post" type payouts now. Almost like I wasted two years making posts, and yet here I am making another one. This is probably my second to last, I have a song I have been working on for open mic, I may post that some day.

For now, I want to point out that the page I linked includes hyperlinks to each account, where you can go and see who is posting and what they are earning. It looks to me like there are maybe a dozen people who are earning that $20+ average. This whole fustercluck helped a dozen people? Whatever. As near as I can tell, the only way I am going to earn any crypto here is to put those people on my autovoter. It is so pathetic. I am not even following them, do not have any interest in what they post for the most part, but they will now get most of my upvotes. And I will sit down and shut up because it simply does not pay to post, and when I post is when I surf around and make some comments so I am just going to disappear and let my autovoter try to suck up a few whale crumbs for me. If you have a better strategy, I will never know because nearly zero actual humans will ever read this or comment.

Oh, the heady dreams of a place where good writing was rewarded, where original content is what gained respect, a merit based reward system. Pfft.


I totally get where you are coming from and totally agree with you. All the time spent being an author is no longer worth the time. Just when I thought these asshats running the show could not fuck things up any worse...... They did just that. Sorry

Hopefully someday I can get in the top 1,000 for payouts. I never even bought any Steem. lol

I feel the same way and I agree that it's pretty pessimistic. It seems near impossible to get anywhere on this site. However, I'm not as active on Steemit as fishyculture, so my lack of progress is more my fault than the platform's.

I think now is a good time to get involved and set up your autovoter. I finally signed up for You could also delegate to booster for easy earnings.
Thanks for the upvote. I might make it count. There is a .02 threshold for votes to actually count.

FYI I could use a bot but I would lose money so I'm going to have to let this comment go to zero.

Ugh! Seriously? So even my upvote is worthless?

Your solo upvote is 100% completely worthless. There is a .02 payout threshold. When you vote on blog posts your vote counts if the blog gets to over .020.
I was going to try and save this upvote but I would lose money doing it so I am going to let it go to zero.

Well, I am undelegating this morning, see if I can get up to .02. Of course, a tiny drop in steem value and I am back to worthless. What a mess. That means the ONE bot that I have had support from as part of the ssg community will be going away, and the curation trail of that group, so yeah... as the saying goes: "Poke me with a fork, I am done."

There's a chance our vote values might go back up in a week or two but autovoting is now the way to go. You lose out on curation if you solo upvote even if the vote values go up in a week or two.
FYI Booster is paying out pretty good right now if you don't want to autovote.

Thanks. Rather discouraging. I have always upvoted anyone who commented (unless it was obvious spam.) I guess that is a waste of votes now.

I knew there were some changes coming, but I didn't understand just how it might affect me, or others who aren't big-name Steemians. What you said sounds rather discouraging.

I totally get your viewpoint, and I agree that this HF was entirely self-serving for those who put it into play. But I'm still committed to staying here, not for post rewards, but for the friends I've made here, including you.

Most remain online friends, but I have managed to meet a few live and in the flesh, and it has made all the difference to me. It has definitely made it worth sticking around.

And I sincerely hope that you and I can one day get together for real. I have zero doubt that we could have a blast together.

I hope you'll post at least occasionally, because I for one will miss you, and I'll miss your posts. Yours is one of the voices I enjoy, even when we disagree, and I've had fun with our conversations.

Granted I've been posting very little of late, but that started out with a crashed laptop, and evolved into my getting sick for the past several months. But I'm starting to feel better, finally posted a couple of days ago, and will be posting more regularly from here on out.

Take care of yourself, , my friend, whatever you decide.

And message me in Discord, if possible, so we can trade contact info. I'd like to stay in touch. And go sailing some day!!! ;-)

I will get over there later, just doing a quick round of upvotes this morning before chores! HUGS!

There are many stakeholders who are happy to support users and communities that are persistent and hoping to grow on Steem. I appreciate the effort of putting into words your current experience with the recent hard fork.

I just want to add that the intentions of the changes is to bring more votes back to normal users who post good content, rather than having so much stuck in bidbots and automated voting. The free downvotes also allow more rewards to be returned to the normal users from previous abusers that would just milk the system. It may take some time for the changes to give results, but I would give it some time. For sure it is not meant to simply enrich large stakeholders more, that was the previous model that allowed unchallenged self-voting and bidbots.

If what you are saying is true then we wouldn't see so many accounts that have tripled in rewards while the lower tier accounts went down triple in rewards. If what happened with their rewards tripling overnight was suppose to happen after some time for changes to give results it would be believable if such a time period existed for everyone.

Yeah, it sure feels like the little accounts got forked, not even any vaseline... lol!

that's exaggeration at minimum.

I've actually been surprised at how little the rewards have moved so far but we'll know better when the payouts come. The rewards no longer being linear means they can move a lot during the week between them being posted and paying out depending on how many votes and who curates them.

Read @rycharde's posts explaining how it works now, he's done a pretty tech free explanation

I appreciate that input. There is rich irony in that what the fork has actually elicited from me is the exact opposite. I am undelegating everything I had out to try to get my upvote to .02 and putting everything on autovote behind whales, as upvoting the stuff that actually interests me offers very little benefit to the poster and even less to me.

I will be very curious to see of the downvotes really stem abuse. I do not see how that will work, but I am glad something was attempted, at least.

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