The NextColony Team has kept that secret so far, there are aliens ingame !!!


I'm flashed just like you, but it's true!

My planet is currently threatened by an alien. I named him "Invader" without further ado. Here is the proof !


:P :P :P

Note: It took me a few days to rebuild the Space Invader in pixel style. Actually that was a nice motivation.

I know @Variola is already making some lovely hearts as pixelart while explore the galaxy. Do you know any other PixelArt Stuff in the @nextcolony universe?

Hope the team around @oliverschmid / @jarunik / @holger80 aaaand my SpaceShip Friend @Rondras forgive me for that little Joke :P

Greetings and have Fun.



Hilfe, Benny, was für ein Chaos! :D

Ich brauche Ordnung...

Bildschirmfoto 2019-06-20 um 14.20.05.png

lel ... neues Minigame Incoming? Gib es besondere Rewards für das erstellen von Pixelart im Spiel, @oliverschmid?

I knew we're not alone 🤣😎

Here is an animation that shows how you explored your Space Invader: