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RE: One Year Celebration - Promo & Giveaway

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Congrats on the 1st anniversary of this superb strategy game! It’s like some “space chess”, you just need in more automation (simple in-game bots) - because - since we don’t have to think about how to make a chess piece or how to move it with our hand, so we must not to think about how to do each separate shipbuilding on each planet (for example, if you need to start building explorer on all planets or from the specified list - that’s easy to implement: check if there are resources for building and then to start building), and for a lot of other actions. There are already many paid and free bots of different levels of intelligence, so maybe you can make the simplest but built-in bots in the front-end (possible with additional stardust paid by players for using it)? And then the smartest strategist will win, and not the one who spent the most time on the round-the-clock click or who paid the most for the services of bots for the same purpose.
P.S. In this post I want to say: "Thank you for the pleasure of the game(and for some stardust/steem)!"
P.P.S also I check how quickly my game's "partners" will donwvote this my comment ;)


I have a couple of automation tools that I will tidy up and make public, including one for shipbuilding. With luck they could be incorporated in one the front-ends.

In-game bots are not part of the plan. This is a fundamental strategic decision. Automation is possible, but must be done by you and therefore we provide the API.

Thanks, @coolred! (:

1000 Stardust sent.