NextColony Forum - SSoooo Beautiful!

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I just saw that NextColony has launched their TokenBB...sooo beautiful!

NextColony Forum.png

NextColony Forum 2.png

Come and join us!


I love the look and feel of the interface. For a long time I was trudging along in NextColony, not really knowing why I was bothering to press buttons.
But then I found a planet and battles started and it became a lot more real and fun.
I'm looking forward to lots more additions to fill out the game.

However when I try to post I get strange error: "Opps, could not submit reply at this moment. Faile to read 'local storage' property from 'window' ...

Been playing since it launched but I still can't build a ship lol been bumping up my miners but its taking a long long while. At what levels can I build my first ship to explore around ?

You have to get to level 20 Explorer and level 13 shipyard. Its a long slog, but worth it when you get there.

dang got me a while to go then lol most likely will focus on that it seems like that is when things really start to kick off.

I agree, the design is really well done and fitting to the game. @louis88 has done an awesome job!

Interesting game. I have been taking a long time break from steem, after I lost~5400 Steem. Now I am back, trying to rejoin the community. I remember that in 2016 I have proposed to tokenize the Kerbal Space Program Game, a cool space travel, rocket builder simulator. They decided that this is not the direction they want to move:) But for sure I want to test the Next Colony. Seems interesting

I love KSP. It would be so cool to tokenise it.

yeah, I knooooow, but unfortunately, their community does not like the idea:(

That's too bad.

How’d you lose so much Steem?

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Ahhh, yea you gotta be careful with that stuff. In crypto it’s the easiest way to lose money

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Looks very cool!

Login seems to be asking for the active key from KeyChain to move from "Guest User" to full Steem account login.

Can I log in with just the posting key?

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