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RE: Market, Buffs, Season, Stardust & Giveaway

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It is good that the market is active in the main client, this will undoubtedly be a boost for trade.

  • 16 million Stardust has been consumed and burned in Yamato upgrades.
  • The most dramatic burn was the burning of the legendary Tartaros, which added 9 million stardust to the wallet of dachcolony.
  • In total, planets for 17.4 million stardust were burned so far.

All those numbers are so overwhelming! my galactic empire seems just a small speck of dust in this vast universe. The burning of Tartaros, a madness!

Also, if someone wants to destroy Yamatos and doesn't find them, I can tell you where some are parked.


Giveaway status: logged in. ✔️
Good luck!

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