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JArunik writes: 100% deploy rate means that 100% of the URP are transferred to the recipient.
So if you send a Yamato from A to B then A will lose 100% of the points and B will gain 100% of the points.
If C then kills a tier of the Yamato of B then B will lose 100% of the tier points and C will gain 60% of the tier points.
Selling a Yamato on the market is not influenced by the deploy rate ... so if you sell a Yamato on the Market you will lose 100% of the points and the buyer will get 0%.
In short:

  • You always lose 100% of the points when you "lose" a Yamato or tier
  • Deploy Rate says how much points a recipient of a deploy mission will get
  • Leach Rate says how much an attacker gains from a tier destruction
  • Receiving a Yamato from the Market will never give points