Colony Chronicles - 7 days to go

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7 days

It's winding down and parts of it are holding it together to reach the finale of NextColony. The game has gone past it's 1st year anniversary and the curtains are drawing closer. Let's see where the all the teams are now.

Active upgraders

Dormant Yamato upgraders


Currently there is a 5,860,700 gap between 1st & 2nd with an estimate of additional 3,374,550 URP gain from current 9 active upgrades, but @proof-of-work isn't stopping. They are gunning to out do @uraniumfuture bot which is misfiring at every 5 minutes. Can @proof-of-work do 10,000,000 or 13,535,000 in the next 7 days time? ;)


Why my name is not in your list?