Colony Chronicles - A new second.

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Season 4 - 7 days to go.

In less than an hour (1) from this post, @uraniumfuture will reign in second, pushing both @tufkat & @germansailor down two spots. @unique.esprit follows behind with only one level 20 & level 12 Yamato URP but his points will only be prevalent in 17 hours time.

No signs of any upgrade instructions from the current 2nd & 3rd place colonist. Further down the charts we see @prinzvalium & @captain.kirk jumping 5 and 6 places up respectively.

This could be similar season as season 2 where upgraders may just 'sink' in enough to grab the price only to reserve for the next coming seasons (if any).

Nevertheless, 2nd spot is kinda sweet at the moment. Don't ignore the bottom of top 40, @afrog making small hops and may put a major leap in the end.
Season 4  Sodomy2.JPG