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Season 4 theme
A quick wiki search reveals a fascinating write up regarding NextColony Season 4's title. Here

In the next cycle, we will see namely myself and @steemitromney, dropping the most spot after a short hiatus from upgrading. Dachcolony's going to exceed the 1 million URP mark, follow closely by @unique.esprit

Season 4 leader @powernap surged ahead with a big 1,811,800 URP gap against 2nd place @tufkat. However there is only a small difference of 41,200 URP between 2nd and 3rd place @germansailor.

Is @germansailor going to pass @tufkat aka @stefan or stay happy with 50% less in 3rd place?
As hinted, this will be @powernap last sprint, all-in to the finish before he bids adieu to @nextcolony.

Au revoir rooster. Who is this @afrog, anyway?
Season 4  Sodomy.JPG


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