Colony Chronicles - Four (was five an hour ago) Legendary Planets left.

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Season V - 20 days to go

@proof-of-work has erected a massive upgrade operation all over both galaxies. A total of 37 active upgrades and top it all off with cherries for dessert. These are no ordinary cherries but four (4) legendary planets from @xx0xx and @reggaemuffin.
Tellus, Omega, Drakon and Prometheus are all under @proof-of-work & co possession. The value of all these are almost half the total Stardust supply in NextColony at the time I'm writing this post. Collectively they have more than 1000 planets to burn as well.

LightSaber #1005 went supernova 11 days ago burned, fueling @uraniumfuture massive lead for this final
season. Delta #1001 too was liquidated just hours ago.

Picking up where @miniature-tiger left off in a post here in the early part of Season V, here is the current number of active upgraders and their wallet balance.

upgrader active.JPG

Can @proof-of-work over throw the leader? Stay tune.


#3 is missing ;)

Capt was in 'hyper-sleep' when this was taken.

It going to be an interesting contest now.
I am also interested at "mancer-sm-alt" if his sell order in SE ,do not go through , will he sell cheap or use it to upgrade Yamoto.

mancer-sm-alt has transferred most of his SD to exchange. But unsure if it was sold in the market.

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