Colony Chronicles - Those Legendary Planets

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NC Finale Season - V

NextColony is closing its curtain after one final season lap with a whopping 42,800 steem prize up for grabs. Eligible only to the top 49 Yamato upgrader or killer. As it's currently underway after a week 'intense' upgrading, another 37 days remains the possibility of drama as the 1st prize itself is 35.05% of the 42,800. Official details here

Let me bring you up to date on the legendary planets. There were 9 excluding Earth.


Active Game Player


  • Earth (Uno) #1, remains with @nextcolony.
  • Drakon#1006, Tellus #1007 & Omega #1008 silently remains under @xxOxx with zero discord interaction other than the 837 API transactions.

This begs the question, where are the remaining Legendary Planets? Judging from the current situation, they may never be found. Currently there are total around 27,276 planets discovered through the NextColony one year operation and the chance of getting a legendary is 0.00001%.

from discord

Illustration only - May never be found.

There may be a slight chance NextColony may resurrect on HIVE as the current service will sunset after season V ends. Someone may take up ownership in maintaining a clone under Steem after and if the code be open source. One thing is for sure, the steem prize pool will be depleted in the next 37 days.