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RE: One Year Celebration - Promo & Giveaway

Happy birthday, then, @nextcolony and cheers, team!

I hope you continue building until the game is played by the world out there.

I tried attracting a couple of friends this month but not being on Steem before that they had no patience to wait for the slow loading. And I understand that.

You know what they say in this age of info floods. You only have 3 seconds on average to make an impression.

Even patient folks like me can't manage 20 or more planets without some automation options.

Are new users a target and how can they stay? I don't know if we have the answers yet.

Good luck and have fun, everybody!


Yes, slow but steady.

Thanks! (:

1000 Stardust sent.

One of them ask: "something something ledgers?" But me no coder so me shrug.