Are there any trading fees?
There are no fees for using the Steem Engine market, however please note that as with anything on the Steem blockchain you will need to have enough Resource Credits available in your account to publish the required transactions. Also, as mentioned above, there is a 1% fee for any deposits or withdrawals of STEEM.

That last line is also reminded on near DEPOSIT/WITHDRAW buttons:

NOTE: There is a 1% fee on all deposits and withdrawals.

So basically, they say that trading (conversions) are free, but moving funds into trading account and taking them back out costs you ~2%.

Thanks for that.

When using @cupz and @epicdice the tokens are directly available in SE, no need to transfer in and out. Why is @NextColony not set up that way?

I have absolutely no idea. I wonder myself, I just asked about that (0 StarDust, no 'Deposit' option, wtf!) in a comment below :)

I just looked at .
I havent been there in a while. It used to be that you could bet with CUPZ tokens or steem. Now you can only bet with steem. However your winnings in CUPZ tokens are still directly deposited into your SE account.

I see the 1% fee on the conversions from NC to SE. Is there also the 1% to convert the other way?

Currently there is no fee. We are not sure whether we will do this or not. You can ignore the tooltip.