Next Colony Final Season - 15,000 STEEM first prize - a look at the contenders!

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The Next Colony final season, Omega, is here!

Launched last night at 19h, the prize pool consists of 42,800 STEEM, including 15,000 STEEM for first place! That's a $2,700 first prize at today's prices!

As I am competing, I decided to have a look at the contenders to rate my chances.

As most players will be up and running already, I started by pulling all the successful Yamato upgrade transactions from the first 18 hours of the season and counted the number of Yamatos each player is upgrading.

I then cross-referenced against their stardust holdings.

Here are the results!

Top 25 NC.png

Next 20 NC.png

For those players not in the top 150 Stardust holders I did not include their Stardust holdings.

It's far from a perfect analysis:

  • Some of the top Stardust holders do not appear to have started - but may be planning to use their Stardust for another player or alt.
  • Most players won't have started burning all their planets yet - but will undoubtedly do so before the end of the season.

Still it gives a good indication of the size of the task in hand.

To get in the top 10 I think you will need 5 or 10 million Stardust to fuel the Yamato upgrades.

As a level 20 Yamato requires 609,400 Stardust for full upgrade, that means 9 - 18 Yamatos, all secured. A sizeable task!

I will not be winning! But with 650 Steem for 20th place there's certainly something to aim at!

Good luck everyone!


I do not want to contest but started because it is last season.

I do not want to
Contest but started because
It is last season.

                 - r1s2g3

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