💲BUY💲 or 🔥BURN🔥 155 PLANETS? 🪐 A one time opportunity in 🚀Next Colony! 🌍

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Hello Colonists,

UPDATE! corrected the description for Explorer II (NOT Transporter II, i have them too, but not 5 blueprints like the EII), so 5x Explorer II.

thx to @variola for the hint!

UPDATE! added the accounts for the planets in the Planet Gallery

at the request of a colonist

OMG i can't believe it! But i think it's the best time to stop 🚀 exploring, stop 🍄 upgrading, stop 🏗️ building my empire, stop creating additional wonders of the world 😎

and to give you a unique opportunity right before the start of the first Yamato reward phase! Yes, you decide what i'll do with those unbelievable, read carefully! 155 planets i own to date.

First a small note, please pay attention to the following sections below to avoid confusion and too many questions:
- Q&A
- The Rules for this unique offer
- Planet Gallery

It is quite simple YOU BUY or I BURN! So let me explain what you can do in short:

Option 1: 💲 YOU BUY 💲

all my 155 (incl. those I'll find by then) planets with everything on them, in them.. no matter you know what i mean, ships and stuff (except the holy rune, because i need it as football 😋). 50+ of them are in a very dense cloud because i explored them only with Explorer II with 2-3% luck rate simply means shorter distances between them, nice isn't it? 😃

Option 2: 🔥 I BURN 🔥

all my 155+ planets for Stardust at once and don't care if many of them are Dreadnought-ready, have EII, TII or Battlecruiser blueprints applied and were upgraded over many months! 😱 you think? No, just relax! Think of that big black hole in the universe after the fireworks! 🎆😁🎆


Q: What the hell means dense cloud?
A: see picture below (only an extract of my cloud)

Q: What is Dreadnought-ready?
A: If you have the skills (Dreadnought 20) you'll have the opportunity to instantly build additional Dreadnoughts (in addition to the already stationed). Currently 25 planets are Dreadnought-ready and many more will be in the next few days.

Q: What about resources?
A: Many older planets 50+ are leveled very high, up to 20. So you'll get an endless stream of coal, ore, copper and uranium from them. If you have the booster skills even more. But check it out in Jarunik's client.

Q: How many you have on the planets?
A: Basically i have about 100 Explorer I in my 5 alt accounts together and many different ships in my main account (onetin84). To give you a more precise overview:

Please note that in the 111 Explorer are about 35 Explorer type II are included which can be produced on 5 planets.

Q: How on earth should i know that you talk no shit?
A: Check it out in Jarunik's client. Easy, isn't it? Just type in the account name at the bottom and inspect the planets, ships and stuff.

Q: I cannot see 155 planets in your account!
A: Yeah, because there's five more. Just look down below to the Planet Gallery and check P-ID.

Q: There are Laser blueprints included?
A: Of course, if you buy you'll get them all (i'd found) too.

Q: What means EII?
A: It's the abbreviation for Explorer type II which increases chances of finding planets with higher exploration distance (36 tiles = 1%, 60 tiles = 2%, 99 tiles = 3%, ..). I have 5 planets with blueprints applied and about 40x EII active 😋.

Q: OMG!, will we die after you'd burned your planets?
A: I hope not 😅, but it could cause some gravitational anomalies! 😱

The Rules for this unique offer

  • this offer is only valid until 2019-11-15 11pm UTC+2, so you have to be fast! BUT if I get an offer that I can't refuse, the sale is over immediately.
  • BUY ALL or nothing
  • if you have serious interest please DM me on Discord or if not possible just leave a message under 👇 this post. (i cannot guarantee that i read everything)
  • Please note that i ignore any joke offers that are not reasonable (the Stardust costs alone for gifting planets with 1000 SD per planet are already a big effort for me)
  • i won't negotiate, make an offer and that's it
  • STEEM only accepted
  • Starter planets (6) are not included
  • If i get no reasonable offer til deadline i'll burn all my planets! 🔥😜🔥

Planet Gallery

account: @onetin84

account: @brohard

account: @machetekills

account: @gaiusoptus

account: @sm-onetin84

account: @ferromagnus

Now have fun, we have fun! 😄😄😄

Remember, this is NO JOKE - you buy or i'll burn! It's a lot of fun in any case.

Who's eligible?

  • a starter who wants to make a giant leap forward
  • a veteran emperor who wants it all
  • a strong clan/alliance with high ambitions
  • a collector who loves colorful planets
  • a trader who want to increase their stock
  • and swiss space pirates

Remember this offer is only valid until 2019-11-15 11pm UTC+2 !!!


Resteemed your offer.
But I think if you do not get any offer, then you can offer them in market for Stardust instead of burning it for SD. may be I will able to buy 1 or 2.

i thought about that but i guess many would end up as shelf warmers 😏 and it's too much work involved if i cannot do bulk sell.

Think of all the digital alien life forms who will die if you burn them 🙈

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I would take E.T. with me before the fireworks start ! 🎆😅🎆

As a former Unlucky Alliance Partner I say burn them and sell some SD to me for steem at a good price.

Definitely an option!

Nice :)

Das sieht wirklich gut aus :)

Und wie schaut's aus? Verkaufen oder Burn? Wie ist der Trend? :)

I suggest option 2. Good luck sir.

Galactic Fireworks 🎇 is also nice! 😀

The price will be huge and I am going to see who will offer with a good price.

Price and value are different for everyone, so we’ll see.

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