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RE: Colony Chronicles - Season 3 Finale.

So basically this post is for justifying your bug abusing & making fun of honest players in my perspective.

There is not even a single word representing apology for your bug abusing to honest players. Wow.
Micro & macro.. you name it, but most of the paragraph from this post looks pretty shallow after all.

Cheating is just a cheating.
No decoration is needed to justify it.

It’s unfair to abuse a bug for gain some say.

Yes. even for any gain. That 'some' is me I suppose.

What is fair? Deeper wallet, bigger clan, bigger fleet? Play by the rules and when is not in favor or threatens our comfort-zone, summon the ‘police or government’ to protect the social norm instead of change, adapt and grow.

You know What is fair.
Oh wait, maybe you don't.
Then Nevermind. :)

P.S - Thanks to you(& Delta-clan),
there will be an arising of an alliance against to Cheaters.
So well, you keep play your 'fair' way, and let's see how the universe reacts.

P.S2 - I played alone, with thin wallet, without Any clan's support.
Did it bothered you? ¯___(ツ)____/¯