SpyColony v1.4.0 - Interactive Map and Discovered Planets

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Hello, dear NextColony players!

Finally, this day has come! Today I've released update 1.4.0 to SpyColony! I've added some important features to the tool - information about recently discovered planets and, most importantly, the interactive map of the entire galaxy! I hope that the new features will be useful for you!

Without prolonging - have a nice reading!

SpyColony 1.4.0 new features

Discovered planets!


Here you will find:

  • Five recently discovered planets
  • When they were discovered
  • Who discovered them
  • Their rarity
  • And their types

Interactive map of the entire galaxy!


Here you will find:

  • Up-to-date map of the entire galaxy
  • The whole thing is divided into 81 zones (9x9 grid)

Interactive map of a specific zone!


Here you will find:

  • Up-to-date map of a specific zone
  • Names of planet owners
  • Types of planets (by border color):
    • Blue - Atmospheric planet
    • Dark Gray - Coal planet
    • Light Gray - Ore planet
    • Orange - Copper planet
    • Green - Uranium planet
  • Basic information about each planet (by hovering the cursor over the planet)
  • Clicking on the planet will display information about it on SpyColony (in new tab)
  • Current missions with their finish time
  • Basic information about each mission (by hovering the cursor over the mission mark)
  • Exploration missions are marked as a green square
  • Transport and deploy missions are marked as an orange dot on the target planet
  • Transport missions contain information about the transported resources and the coordinates of the planet sending the ship
  • When the destination planet has more than one transport mission, only the most recent transport is displayed (rest of the missions can be seen by clicking on the planet)

Future features

In the future, new useful features will appear. As for now, I plan to add:

  • Interactive map - more functions (ex. planet search bar)
  • Mobile support
  • Checking the distance between two planets
  • Ability to send actions
  • Notification system
  • Message system
  • Trading system

If you have an ideas for new features or you have noticed any bugs - let me know!

Contact and support

If you want to contact me - I'm available on the NextColony Discord server (username: Scriptioner).

If you want to support me - give me feedback, tell your friends about SpyColony and vote for this post.

Link to the site: spycolony.herokuapp.com

See you at the next update!


thanks for your work. supported


This is so cool! Thank you very much for providing such an amazing feature.

You already have all the ideas to make @nextcolony a user friendly game. Thnx for your initiative.

Thanks for the continued updates, a great tool for keeping tabs on the neighborhood. Can I suggest when we spy on another planet that their meta level is listed? cheers


And some words coming from a fellow developer:
You are AWESOME!

Great work, the map just looks awesome!

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In the Galaxy map please add a text (or 4 small pointers) below the galaxy how the numbers are changing when you go up or right. Like where is 100/100 or 100/-100; -100/100 and -100/-100 ; then people know wher eto look for themselves a bit.

That's just fabulous!

It'd be nice to have a display for number of active users/ number of explorations/ missions ongoing... a live counter if possible.

Very nice work. Mobile implementation would be greatly appreciated

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Great work, u receive a biiig upvote from me ;-)

I'm speechless! This is awesome indeed!

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I look forward to understand just what in the hell you are talking about. I am almost logged into ScottBot, and think Next Colony is pretty cool, and mostly clueless about all the rest. Who will be me Jedi Master mentor?

very good !
great work

Dziękujemy za bardzo interesujące wskazówki.
Gra nextcolony jest naprawdę ekscytujące.
Oferuje wiele sposobów na kształtowanie gry.
Dziękuję bardzo.

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