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This giveaway will stir up things for sure. There is a chance that it will increase the 'density' of Yamatos over the area, especially given that there is not that many of them right now due to the entry cost. However, I can't help but feel uneasy about early buyers' feelings. I don't remember how many Yamato blueprints were actually sold so far, but I have a feeling that 10 free BPs is quite many compared to what was sold. Won't the buyers be a bit .. grumpy about that giveaway?


No. This has been published a long time ago (2 month):

"At the start of the Yamato module, all owners of each legendary planet will receive 10 Yamato blueprints. You can activate them on a planet of your choice but choose it wisely. There are currently 10 legendary planets (including Earth), so 100 blueprints would be distributed. We will not use the 10 blueprints of the earth, but share them to you in contests."


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Good luck!

Oooh, I see. That surely had been given a time to sink in. 2 months ago I was pretty new to NextColony and wasn't paying that much attention to annoucements, so I totally missed that. Thank you!

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