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RE: Convert Stardust to/from Steem Engine

in #nextcolony2 years ago

On the SteemEngine site, it shows that I have 0 StarDust. I suppose that's some kind of internal account on the exchange, like on others, and it's simply new empty account. Ok. I see option to transfer StarDust to another account, but I may be too dumb to see it, there's no way to deposit StarDust from my NextColony account to SteemEngine trading account. Is it possible? how can I do that?


You can deposit or "convert" your SD into SE from the NextColony client wallet.


Ohkey. Now I fully understand it. The 'Stardust' tradeable on SteemEngine is not the same StarDust as the in-game currency. The in-game currency right now is NOT a 'token' as understood on SteemEngine. That's just some custom variable in the game engine, not following SE rules. That's why on SteemEngine we don't see our SD balances, and that's why we must 'send' SD to SE first. That window here says 'Convert'. It's not 'transfer'! It's not an error, it's 'Convert' on purpose. What happens here in this window is converting in-game StarDustCurrency to out-of-game StarDustTokens that are tradeable on SteemEngine. I hope the conversion ratio here is 1:1. Anyways, after this 'conversion', SD are lost from in-game's account, unusable. and sit on SE account as Tokens, so they can be traded. Maybe in some future version the NC game will be updated to use SD-tokens directly. Current "workaround" is cumbersome and adds complexity, but is usable, so maybe it won't ever happen?