THREE planet discoveries in a row!

in #nextcolonylast year

On my previous @nextcolony post I posted about my first rare planet discovery and it was discovered back to back with another planet. I opened the game to refresh some exploration missions, expecting one planet to be discovered at best, even don't mind if none at all was discovered. But boy what actually waiting for me was way sweeter.


Pictured above is screenshot on my latest missions from all planets. Three planets are discovered in a row from missions from all planets! Again, what's the odds? The 85 Stardust is a nice cream on the top of that. The types and rarities of the newly discovered planets are nothing too outstanding but the fact it happens right one after another is amazing enough. I won't be as pumped if the discovery chain is broken somewhere even if I also greeted by three new planets upon opening the game. But it isn't broken so I'm pumped. Good stuff.