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RE: Market, Buffs, Season, Stardust & Giveaway

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I was not expecting those stats for the market. I'm also very happy about the amount of Stardust that has been burnt. This should get those who were complaining about the inflation rate to shut up. The game has virtually no marketing at all. I would say a small marketing campaign would be great as the game is getting more updates more regularly.

@steemmonsters is planning for a serious marketing push when the mobile app is ready. Maybe a collaboration would do well to capture some of the same audience for @nextcolony. Both games are radically different. So there is going to be zero chance for conflict of interest.

I'd personally like if there were less active players exploring the galaxy leaving me better chances to find planets. But the overall ecosystem would benefit a lot if we can keep getting more outside players into the game before a bull market kicks in and everybody gets back onto the crypto bandwagon.


That is a lot of RC remaining. I only see 697 Pending claimed accounts. STEEM is a great place for easy user on-boarding for cryptocurrency (compared to many others like games on Ethereum or even just buying BTC) Claim more accounts and give new users free STEEM accounts.

Optionally you could make a "Starter Pack" where they can pay with fiat and get a pack of items on discount along with the free account.

Best of Luck!


We're slow, but steady. We are like weeds.

Giveaway status: logged in. ✔️
Good luck!

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