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RE: Colony Chronicles - Season 3 Finale.

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There is already a precedent for the use of this error and nobody claims anything, no punishment was infringed or rewards reduced, it was taken as part of the game, nor did it look that they said they were prohibited from using this error. But it has been the most exciting moments in Nextcolony, to see some stunned after releasing some words in the chat and some more equally stunned, these others who disrespected agreements (they know who I'm talking about) but as you know I am very crazy ( so that I can listen to my words, I have been crying out for some time and that some things improve in the game 8 times the lcos tell the truth that others do not dare) I think that's why I joined this, wanting to shake the monotony with which NC was going, and also wanting to match my lack of resources and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel (I no longer have planets to burn good enough to compete against the big capitals) what do we have those with few resources more than The inegnomy to match things up a bit? Now, pay attention to the madman: if Nextcolony is still a game for few, it will never be that great game that I dream to see, the clubs add competitiveness so that those with great resources can win and enjoy, but it must be given to win something to the clubs, to attract crowds, a game where only few win is closing the funnel and in the end there are few (I still with my constructive criticism) work as a team. the chaos, 100% of points when passing the Yamatos, were what served on the table the conditions for this and some with a madman among them (I am the crazy person) we had to serve the dish. The moment was unique, we the only ones able to dare, a genius with the plan, it was our moment, we had to do it.