2018 Fantasy Football WR Rankings non PPR

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Hey guys sorry for being a day late, I was supposed to be posing my WR rankings yesterday but got side tracked. So today I will be posting my WRs rankings earlier today and my TE rankings later tonight.

These rankings are for ESPN standard format leagues.

Antonio Brown is the clear cut #1 WR in the league, and he has been for the past 3 season. He has been nothing short of spectacular and he looks to still be in his prime. If he is available through pick 5-7 I feel like you have to take him, even though its a run heavy first kind of draft year.

We got a glimpse of what DeAndre Hopkins and DeShaun Watson were able to do last year through 5 games. If DeShaun Watson can stay healthy I feel like this can be the best DUO in the league. Even after DeShaun went down Hopkins was still able to finish off the season as the #1 WR in standard.


Good rankings, I can see Amari Cooper and TY having great years. TY only if Luck is back fully healthy.

I'd move Allen and diggs up and Evans down. Good list though

I like diggs but he has a history of getting injured every season and missing 3-4 games at times. So i just don't trust him or Keenan Allen. Last season was Keenan Allens first full season.

I wouldn't sweat Allen. His first 2 seasons he missed 3 games total. I'd imagine the 15 games in 2013 was cause he was a rookie. And his 2 years of injury were at least totally different injuries. With Henry on IR too I think Allen has a super high floor and ceiling.

I guess cause he burned me before I don't trust him lol.

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